Geo Agro

Geo Agro Ltd was founded in 2011 for the development of agricultural projects. The Company owns 4,000 hectares of arable land in eastern Georgia.

Until 2014, the company grew crops such as wheat, barley and sunflower. These cereals were mainly processed and stored by the company itself, using its own machinery and silos.

Part of the crop was used –by Kalanda Ltd, a pig farm subsidiary of Geo Agro; the rest was sold.

The loss of the pig farm as a result of its depopulation affected Geo Agro’s activities, and it became inexpedient for the company to carry on cultivating its agricultural land.


The company is currently busy processing investment projects for the maintenance of irrigation systems on its land and the planting of perennial crops such as almonds, pomegranates and olives.

In addition to this land, Geo Agro also owns warehouses and industrial facilities in eastern Georgia as well as heavy agricultural machinery and offers the services of both to local farmers.


Contact Person:

Besik Tetvadze | Director

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