The “Simetria” development company was founded in 2015. Its mission is to maintain the best architectural environments for residence, work, relaxation and entertainment.

Simetria develops different kinds of property, including hotels, residential houses, business centers, parking areas and trade centers.

Simetria strives to be the best developer on the Georgian market, carrying out high-quality projects seamlessly and on time. The company is justly proud of its reputation for stable achievements, constant development and high-quality projects.

In-depth knowledge of the local market helps the company to achieve its goals:


  • All of Simetria’s projects and sales strategies rely upon reliable and up-to-date market research and analysis;
  • The company tries to offer interesting and original concepts distinct from other projects on the market;


Simetria carries out the full range of project development activities: fundraising, identifying suitable locations, preparing and designing geographically relevant concepts, presenting high-level investment proposals, and building high-quality and carefully timed projects that benefit both customers and investors.


Contact Person:

Tariel Gabunia | Director

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