T3 Hospitality Management

„T3 Hospitality Management„ is a Spanish hotel management company, which has it’s office in Georgia since 2016. The Georgian representation of the company will manage not only the hotels of Georgia but also Russian and other CIS countries hotels.

„T3 Hospitality Management“ manages 22 projects in Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia and Nigeria. The company has the experience of managing hotels of different categories, including 5, 4 and 3 star hotels.

The company works with well known brands, such as: Hilton, InterContinental, Wyndham, Best Western and etc.

„T3 Hospitality Management  short term plan includes adding new business in portfolio. Within this plan the company is actively searching for new projects and is adapting it’s team to international markets.

The company will manage the hotels opened within the project of “Capitol Group” – 12 Hotels in 12 Regions.  


Contact Person:

Keti Mikashavidze



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Capitol HPS

Capitol HPS is the official representative in Georgia of “Best Western Hotels & Resorts”, the world’s largest chain of hotels,. The company’s main goal is to promote the development of Best Western’s network and establish the highest possible levels of service in Georgia’s hospitability sector.

Capitol HPS attracts interested parties under the Best Western brand name, assesses their ability to meet the brand’s requirements, and (when they do) recommends that they be given the right to become authorized BW franchise-holders..

The company also helps establishments to negotiate the conditions of, prepare and sign bilateral agreements.

Capitol HPS offers support to and acts as an intermediary for companies interested in investing in the tourism and hospitality business in Georgia through a range of services:

  • Recruiting and training hotel service personnel;
  • Intermediary and advisory services in the fields of tourism and hospitality;
  • Designing and realizing interesting concepts for hotel development according to the wishes of clients;
  • Establishing links with high-quality companies in order to equip and supply hotels, restaurants and other tourism infrastructure.



Contact Person:

Gocha Jaiani | Director



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