Mill "Baraka"

The mill "Baraqa" was founded in 2007 with the goal of producing and selling wheat flour.

The company owns 2 flour mills in Western and Eastern Georgia, with a total production capacity of 7,000 tonnes per month. The company’s infrastructure includes administrative buildings, mills, warehouse facilities, kiosks and 25,000t of silage capacity. These facilities are located on 6ha of land, and both mills are connected to the rail network.

The wheat is imported into Georgia through Poti (Western Georgia) and Gardabani (Eastern Georgia). Both "Baraqa" mills are located approximately 40 km away from these points, and these strategic locations enable the company to reduce transport costs and optimize its sales logistics.

The flour is sold across Georgia through various networks of corporate and retail sales. The company has over 200 regular clients. Its production is sold on the Georgian market under three brands: “Begheli”, “Tone” and “Baraqa”.

The company plans to expand its sales network through the addition of a chain of supermarkets, the development of its supplies to Georgian traditional bakeries, and the assimilation of a confectionery subsidiary. It also plans to increase its product range through the development of new products and the addition of trading components for the products of other companies.




Contact Person:

Lado Bidzinashvili | Director 

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