The “Gldani Mall” trade center is located by the entrance/exit of the “Akhmeteli Theatre” subway station—one of the most crowded areas of Tbilisi. The trade center was built and developed by Simetria on behalf of Capitol Real Estate.

62 companies have premises in Gldani Mall, including well-known national and international brands. The center is visited by over 60,000 people every day.

A two-level underground parking lot is located next to the shopping center, and offers spaces for 98 cars. 


 Gldani Mall is a compact trade center which focuses upon the daily needs of the inhabitants of Tbilisi’s Gldani neighbourhood and adjacent districts. The center’s numerous shops offer consumers a wide range of goods and services.

 The center also contains different types of food facilities, the “Pygmy” children’s entertainment center and the “Basti Bubu Dabi Dubi” entertainment service.


Contact Person:

Giorgi Aladashvili | Director


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Capitol Real Estate

Capitol Real Estate (CRE) manages real estate and employs external resources to manage investment on behalf of developers’ projects. The company’s main purpose is to protect property from impairment caused by financial, legal, technical or other risks.

CRE’s goal is to be fully informed of the real value of property and possible risks; this information enables the company to systematically prevent potential risks and manage the consequences of realized risks.


Since 2007, CRE has invested in 51,530m2 of projects and 28,570m2 of land. As a result, the company owns and manages many different kinds of real estate: land, residential and commercial areas, a trade center and underground parking space.

Given the growing demand around Georgia for international-standard hotels, in 2016-2020 CRE is planning to invest in the “12 hotels in 12 regions” project. Overall, this project involves the construction of 700 hotel rooms and the management of hotels under an international brand. 


Contact Person:

Davit Shishmanashvili | Direcotr 

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Capitol Construction

Capitol Construction was founded by Capitol Management as a subsidiary in 2015 in order to build projects on behalf of Capitol Real Estate. Given the lack of qualified, customer-oriented construction services in Georgia, Capitol Construction was also established to build projects for other clients. The company successfully carried out several projects in 2015-2016, and has achieved high rates of efficiency. 

The activities of Capitol Construction cover the full range of the construction cycle, from ground-breaking to completion.


The company co-operates with Georgia’s Technical University, whose laboratory analyses construction materials in order to maintain the quality and stability of construction.

Capitol Construction owns warehouse facilities and high-quality constructional forms. The company is also building a fleet of high-tech construction vehicles, and is establishing both mobile and indoor workshops for producing ironware, PVC windows and doors.


Contact Person:

Vakho Gengiuri  | Director 

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